Music and Poetry...What a Combination

What is your favorite song?  Why is your favorite?  Is it that special combination of music and lyrics that bring back a special memory, inspire you or make you shed a tear or two?


Words set to music is the most powerful force on the planet.  The lyrics/music combination moves nations to great things, inspires athletes to achieve the impossible, makes movies suspenseful and church/synagog goers commit to a higher way of living.  Without the lyrics/music combination some of us would never remember our multiplication facts, the books of the Bible or the names of the Presidents.


In just a few weeks, our Mile High Music Makers will be premiering in Colorado Springs (It is always a premier when we do something for the first time.) The Simply Silly Song Book with Lyrics by Ken Nesbitt and Music by Kevin Olson.  We will play selected pieces from songs about music and songs about school.  This collaboration shows what can be done with music and words.  


Press the links to read about these two fine creative individuals.   As you come into the studio the Week of September 22, books by Ken Nesbitt will be available to browse.  I would suggest heading to your local Pikes Peak library and checking out Ken Nesbitt’s books.  You might find that you want to work with someone in our Elementary or Teen Theory Class to write your own song about something funny or delightful in your life.  You all have access to Noteflight, so log in and start your creative journey.


Most of us are familiar with Dr. Olson’s music.  We have played his pieces for NFMC Festivals and used his composition books.  Some of you are unaware that Jason Elliott , a former Mile High Music Maker is now studying with Dr. Olson at Utah State University.  Our linkage is closer than you think with this fine composer.


As an inspiration to those of you who are on the road to improvisation, take a look at the YouTube Video link attached to this blog posting.   Dr. Olson is playing with the Piano Guys on a dare from Dr. Olson’s son.