Our Real Musical Heros.

Bringing parents into the loop is not always an easy task for teachers.  We are task driven, constantly looking for ways to get the student on board and overlooking one of our greatest assets, the parents.


As music teachers and musicians, we are used to working alone to achieve results.  But students can’t progress without the most important element of lessons, practice time with a parent who supervises the practice at home.


When a child has an objective to meet, the teacher is only part of meeting that objective.  The student and parents play the biggest role in reaching any goal.  I provide the instruction and then it is up to the student to put that instruction into practice.  One day of lessons can’t make up for six days of half hearted or incomplete effort.  


Our National Music Week Celebration was a huge success because students were encouraged by parents who have decided that hard work will ensure a good outcome.  

Jane Bastien used to say that talent was only 10% what made a musician successful.  The other 90% was just plain old elbow grease and hard work.  Focus and having the time to be curious and experiment with music is also one of the factors that allow for success.  Parents are the gatekeepers who make sure focus and practice are part of the daily routine.  A huge thank you to the real hero in the musical success of our children. 


As our academic year comes to a close, I look back on all of the many successes our Mile High Music Makers have accomplished.  I am not talking about competition winners or those who have reached a certain level in exams.  I am talking about the quiet victories; about the child who is able to play in a KEYBAND! ensemble and keep the pulse.  I am referring to the young person who could played at Saturday’s concert like a pro and held us in awe over their ability to take command of the piano when six months ago they could barely get through a piece of music.  I make mention of the little one who finished a piece of music, no matter that it took many months to learn that piece.  


We all had quiet victories this year.  You have all been winners in one way or another.  Way to Go!  Now go give your parents the hug they deserve.